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Humana Supplement Plan Extra Benefits

Learn about all the extras you receive when you join a Humana Medicare Supplement Plan in Maryland

Here's what you'll get

These benefits are on top of the great Medical coverage with any Humana Supplement Plan in Maryland.

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Free Gym Membership

Visit SilverSneakers >>> to search for gyms in your area. Gain unlimited access to multiple gyms at the same time.

Free Meals Delivered

Get up to 14 nutritious meals delivered to your door after a hospital or nursing facility stay to help you recover faster and more comfortably.

Vision Discounts

Utilize EyeMed's Select network of 23,000 retail locations for discounts on exams, frames, lenses and more. Find a location here >>>

Free 24 Hour Nurse Line

Access a Registered Nurse (RN) 24-Hours a day regarding your non-emergency illness or injury. No copayment required!

Hearing Discounts

Receive hearing discounts through HearUSA or TruHearing.  Get discounts on prescription and over-the-counter hearing aids and services.

MyHumana Mobile App

Manage your Humana plan wherever you go with the MyHumana app. Simply sign into your MyHumana account and your Humana plan will be in the palm of your hand. Learn More >>>

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Maryland Medicare Advantage Disclosure:  I do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently I represent 8 organizations which offer 39 products in your area. Please contact, 1–800–MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options.


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