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Humana Medicare Advantage PPO Plans in Maryland

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Humana Medicare Advantage PPO Plan Launches in Maryland

In 2022, Humana announced the expansion onto the Eastern Shore of Maryland their new PPO Medicare Advantage Plan. This plan is currently expanding into different counties throughout Maryland (view 2024 Plans >>>).

Like most PPO Plans, Humana's Medicare Advantage PPO Plan will include all the same great coverage options including Hospital coverage, Doctor coverage, ER and Urgent care, and a wide variety of medical services. Also included in this plan will be full prescription drug coverage, known as Rx or PDP coverage.

Humana has a long history of providing excellent Medicare Advantage Plans and we're excited to see them expand in Maryland!


Since the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan is a PPO, it will have a network of doctors that they consider "in-network" in which members can access for lower co-payments and co-insurance. This type of PPO plan also gives the members the ability to use any doctor they want outside of the Humana network. When a member steps outside of the Humana doctor network, they may be asked to pay slightly higher co-payments and co-insurance. There is also a separate Max-Out-Of-Pocket limit for out-of-network visits.

As an example, let's pretend you joined an imaginary ACME Advantage PPO Plan, if you were to see a Doctor in-network the ACME plan might have a low co-payment amount of $10. However, if you chose to see a similar Doctor that was considered "out-of-network," then the same type of doctor visit may be higher and is calculated using either a flat co-payment rate like $50 or the PPO plan may stipulate that you would pay a % of the cost, known as co-insurance. A common PPO out-of-network co-insurance for doctors visits is around 50%. It's normal for all out-of-network provider visits to cost more under a PPO plan.

What this means is if the Doctor you see out-of-network is allowed to charge $100 as per Medicare allowable rates, then you can see the Doctor, but you'd be responsible for 50% of the usual and customary charge, or $50 in this example. PLEASE NOTE: These figures are used as an example for educational purposes only, and do not reflect actual numbers of the Humana Medicare Advantage PPO Plan in Maryland.

Details of the 2024 plans are available here >>>. Please contact me to learn more.

Humana Inc. is a for-profit health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2021, the company ranked 41 on the Fortune 500 list, making it the highest ranked Fortune 500 company in the state of Kentucky. Humana is traded on the NYSE under the stock symbol HUM.

Humana's New PPO Plan In Maryland Provides Full Coverage Benefits

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