Senior Dental Insurance

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Your Teeth Determine Your Overall Health!

You May Need Two Plans

Your health insurance may already include some type of dental coverage, but it may not be enough. You can have more than one plan to fit your needs!

Get Smiling, Anywhere

Utilizing a PPO plan will ensure you get to see the Dentist of your choice. And for less than $45 per month, it's affordable with $1,750 in annual benefits!

Enrolling Is Easy & Online

Sign up right online in just a few minutes. There's nothing complicated about it and you can enroll 24/7/365.

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High Limit Coverage

National Care Dental (NCD) is underwritten by Nationwide. It has a benefit limit of up to $5,000 per year per person with their highest dental insurance plan offering. This is one of the highest limits in the nation for under $80 per month. The dentist network is large and they have many other plans that would fit your needs (if you don't need all $5,000).  You can enroll right online.

NO WAITING PERIODS if you currently have a PPO Dental plan for at least 12 months. You will need to submit proof of coverage to eliminate the waiting period.

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